STAR Convenient online room management STAR (Service Tool for Accommodation and Registration) is our easy to use online registration tool. Your employees, customers and guests can quickly and easily reserve their hotel rooms via the internet.



If you would like to take advantage of STAR, we provide you with a login code for your reserved room contingent. You can share this login code with anyone, who needs to register for a room. When they log in, they will be directed to a customized portal showing your company’s logo and the form fields, that need to be filled in. STAR is available in German and English, so employees from foreign subsidiaries can easily use it from anywhere in the world.

Reserving a room couldn’t be easier:
Select a room, enter the required personal information and you’re done. For any changes or cancellations, simply contact us..

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Significant reduction of expenses

  • Easy handling

  • No manual updating of lists

  • Access at any time from anywhere

  • Automatic confirmation by e-mail

Online booking process

Individual landing page per contingent

Guests are given an access code for access to the contingent

The guests select a room and enter the necessary data

Every guest receives a confirmation e-mail

The current booking figures are transparent at all times

Your direct access to STAR